Add New Page [WPC Introduction]

To help users better understand WPC (WePiggy Coin),WePiggy has now launched the new page [WPC Introduction].

You can learn about the WPC Price, Token Total Supply, Circulating Supply, Total Token Holders, Distribution Rule, Token Distribution Chart, Use Cases, Market Data and other information on the page, and purchase WPC with one click.

Delisting List of Long Tail Assets

1、YFII (Network: ETH)
2、xLON (Network: ETH)
3、MASK (Network: BSC)
4、NULS (Network: BSC)
5、HPT (Network: HECO)
6、MDX (Network: HECO)
7、CHE (Network: OEC)
8、dQUICK (Network: Polygon)

Delisting Schedule

Voting Result

Final Result: For

Execution Status

In addition, in order to remind users to cooperate and complete the delisting process of each asset as soon as possible, WePiggy core development team will announce the implementation details of delisting long-tail assets in the community as soon as possible.

WIP34 Review

WIP33 Review


Option 1: For this plan
Option 2: Against this…

WIP34 Abstract

A Crypto Money Market Protocol | Focus on building decentralized financial infrastructures | DeFi users’ good friend | In piggy, we get rich!

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