WIP39 Abstract

In this proposal, the core development team proposes to stop offering WPC incentives for Heco and Harmony mainnet, and clarify the specific reasons and motivations.

How to participate in the discussion?

Open this link: https://gov.wepiggy.com/t/topic/1269, register and log in the forum to participate in the discussion.

Everyone can propose their suggestions under the proposal.

The core development team will respond to some of the effective suggestions in the governance forum, and possibly make appropriate adjustments to the proposal to seek maximum consensus during the formal voting.

How to participate in formal voting?

Formal voting is expected to begin at 15:00 UTC+8 on June, 30 (Thursday).
Voting period: 2 days

Then, please go to WePiggy’s governance voting system: https://vote.wepiggy.com/ to participate.



WePiggy-Aurora “WePiggy’s Billionaires” activity will end at 15:00 UTC+8 on May 27(Friday), 2022.

The claim of “AuroraPiggy” NFT will start preparations after the activity ends, the opening time for the claim has not yet been determined. The NFT claim tutorial will be released before opening, please stay tuned.

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About “AuroraPiggy” NFT

This card is issued to commemorate the 10th step of WePiggy’s cross-chain deployment plan: Aurora.

Cross the Rainbow Bridge and enjoy the DeFi of Aurora. Holder of this NFT will be blessed by WePiggy with the buff of “Crossing Aurora, Dream It Possible”.





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