About WePiggy LockDrop

1. LockDrop Introduction

1.1 Product Description

1.2 Incentive Details

1.3 Simple Guide

2. LockDrop— FAQ

2.1 What is a LockDrop?

2.2 Why did we launch the LockDrop?

2.3 Timeline of LockDrop

2.4 What assets does the LockDrop accept and why?

2.5 How does the lock-up period multiplier work?

2.6 Is there a difference between depositing on the first day or the last day?

2.7 When can I claim rewards?

2.8 Can I withdraw my principal at any time?

2.9 Can I lock pUSDC that I am currently using as collateral or borrowing against?

2.10 How do I get pUSDC?

2.11 How to move USDC from other networks to Optimism?

  1. Official bridge
  2. cBridge
  3. Hop
  4. Connext
  5. BoringDAO

2.12 Do I have to pay for the LockDrop?

2.13 How to view pUSDC balance?



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