“HokagePiggy” NFT Is Now Open to Be Claimed

“HokagePiggy” NFT is now open to be claimed. Winner of “WePiggy’s Billionaires” activity on HECO mainnet can go to WePiggy official website (wepiggy.com) to claim it step by step.

Participate in WePiggy-HECO WPC mining campaign and the cumulative amount of mined WPC tokens ranks in the top 198 of the “WePiggy’s Billionaires”, will win the [HECO Co-branded Edition] [Epic Level] NFT — “HokagePiggy”.

Since most chains do not yet have special NFT trading platforms similar to Opensea to place orders, and mainstream wallets do not support NFT display other than the Ethereum mainnet, currently WePiggy NFT can only be claimed on the Ethereum mainnet.

HokagePiggy NFT smart contract address: 0x00ff07204c3b27d72cf83ef521adb7066167561a

How to Claim NFT

Winners List

About “HokagePiggy” NFT

This card is issued to commemorate the Fourth step of WePiggy’s cross-chain deployment plan: HECO.

With the strong wind generated by DeFi, a single spark can start a huge blaze. Holder of this NFT will be blessed by WePiggy with the buff of “Freedom of Wind, Will of Fire”.

WePiggy-ARB “WePiggy’s Billionaires” Activity Is Underway

WePiggy has officially launched on the Arbitrum mainnet and the WePiggy-ARB “WePiggy’s Billionaires” activity is underway.

Participate to win the [Arbitrum Exclusive Edition] [Epic Level] NFT — “SonicPiggy”, click for details of the activity.

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