Important Announcement: Schedule for Delistings of Long Tail Assets (Phase 2)
2 min readJan 18, 2022

Long-Tail Asset Delisting (Phase 1) Completed

WePiggy has completed the first LTV ratio adjustment for the long-tail assets on 2022/1/17:

1、YFII (Network: ETH): 40% → 25%
2、xLON (Network: ETH): 30% → 20%
3、MASK (Network: BSC): 40% → 0% (Executed)
4、NULS (Network: BSC): 30% → 20%
5、HPT (Network: HECO): 20% → 0% (Executed)
6、MDX (Network: HECO): 50% → 0% (Executed)
7、dQUICK (Network: Polygon): 30% → 0% (Executed)

Delisting Schedule (Latest Update)


2022/1/24 (Next Monday):
The second time for the LTV ratio adjustment

The third time for the LTV ratio adjustment

Important Advice:

To prevent liquidation due to the adjustment of the LTV ratio, the core development team recommends that all users who used the above assets as collateral and borrowed any assets should repay immediately and withdraw all above assets.

In addition, to thoroughly implement the delisting process, it is hoped that all users who have used any other assets as collateral and borrowed above assets, please repay your borrowings immediately.

Future Planning

The core development team will plan and develop special lending products for long-tail assets as soon as possible to completely isolate the risk between mainstream core assets and long-tail assets.

And relist these long-tail assets in new lending product.



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