Important Announcement: WIP37 Delisting Some Assets to Ensure the Security of the Protocol (Phase 1)

WIP37 Delisting Execution (Phase 1)

WePiggy has delisted some assets according to WIP37 on 2022/5/24 (Phase 1) as below schedule:

  1. Set the WPC distribution reward to 0 WPC/block;
  2. Disable the borrow function, the withdraw&repay functions are not affected. You can find the delisted assets on the “My Assets” and perform withdraw/repay;
  3. Adjust the reserve factor to 100%

Delisting Schedule

Delisting Execution (Phase 2)

2022/6/13: Adjust LTV ratio of all delisted assets to 0%

Important Advice

To prevent liquidation due to the adjustment of the LTV ratio, the core development team recommends that all users who used the above assets as collateral and borrowed any assets should repay immediately and withdraw all above assets.

In addition, to thoroughly implement the delisting process, it is hoped that all users who have used any other assets as collateral and borrowed the above assets, please repay your borrowings immediately.



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