Important Upgrade: pToken Mining Pools on Ethereum Mainnet Stopped Distributing WPC

pToken Mining Pools on Ethereum Mainnet Stopped

According to the WIP29 governance proposal, change the pToken deposit mining logic currently used on Etheruem mainnet, switch to the deposit/borrow mining mechanism consistent with other networks, that is, deposit mining can be realized without staking pToken.

Therefore, to get the deposit mining rewards on the Ethereum mainnet, the users must unstake the pToken they deposited in each mining pool.

In the APP, click [Mining Pools] [Select] a mining pool where you deposit pToken

Click [Unstake]

Click [All] → Click [Confirm]

Waiting for the transcation completed

WPC Distribution Speed Adjustment for All Networks

After this adjustment, the total distribution speed is 0.28 WPC/block for the first 4 years.

In the future, WPC will be distributed in a stepwise manner by halving them every 4 years.

In details:

In addition, according to the description of the WIP 29 proposal:, the core development team will periodically adjust the WPC distribution speed of each chain.



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