WePiggy-ARB “WePiggy’s Billionaires” Activity Has Ended

Activity status

“WePiggy-ARB’s Billionaires” Activity has ended at 15:00 pm on Nov 12, 2021.

According to the rules of the activity, cumulative amount of mined WPC tokens ranks in the top 198 of the “WePiggy’s Billionaires”, will win the [ARB Co-branded Edition] [Epic Level] NFT — “SonicPiggy”.

The claim of “SonicPiggy” NFT will start preparations after the activity ends, the opening time for the claim has not yet been determined. The NFT claim tutorial will be released before opening, please stay tuned.

The details of the activity data can be viewed at the link: https://app.wepiggy.com/billionaires (ARB Chain)

About how to claim “SonicPiggy” NFT

About “SonicPiggy” NFT

This card is issued to commemorate the Fifth step of WePiggy’s cross-chain deployment plan: Arbitrum.

Break into the vast world of the true Layer 2 and experience the fast and cost-effective DeFi space. Holder of this NFT will be blessed by WePiggy with the buff of “Sonic Speed, L2 Strike”.



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