WePiggy-Arbitrum Adds an Entrance for Cross-Chain Bridge “cBRIDGE”

According to the cooperation between WePiggy and Celer Network on the cross-chain DeFi ecosystem building, WePiggy has added an entrance for the cross-chain bridge “cBRIDGE”, which powered by Celer Network.

By using “cBRIDGE”, users can transfer their assets between different networks in a instant and low-cost way.

Entrance Info

Link: https://app.wepiggy.com/markets (Switch to Arbitrum mainnet)

Path: Left sidebar [Cross-Chain Bridge][cBRIDGE]


cBridge v1.0 operating documents:

Join the community

Celer Network English Telegram Group:https://t.me/celernetwork

Warm prompt:
If you need help with any questions related to cBridge, please join the Celer Network telegram group to contact the admin.

Be careful not to send private messages with others, and beware of being deceived.