WePiggy Borrowing Mining Goes Live!

2 min readJan 30, 2021

Execution Status

1. Add a “BorrowPool” pool, which is invisible on the frontend.

2. Currently, WePiggy has a total of 7 mining pools, and their weights are as follows:

3. The toal weight of BorrowPool is 7500, the weight for each asset as follow:

User Related

The borrower obtains WPC rewards according to the proportion of his borrowing in each market (user borrowing amount/total borrowing amount in that market).

If a user borrows multiple assets, he/she should get rewards from multiple markets. The total rewards will be counted in real-time, and the user can claim all the rewards after the WPC token release.

For Users Who Have Outstanding Borrowings Before This New Update

To enable the borrowing mining, you should borrow or repay a small amount. For different borrowing currencies, you should do that respectively. Then, the protocol will start to calculate your mining rewards according to the proportion of your borrowing in the market.

The mining rewards has actually started to be calculated after your correct operations, but it can’t be seen until your new operation.

If you do nothing, you can not get any borrowing mining rewards from your current borrowings.




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