WePiggy “FlyingPiggy” NFT Open to Be Claimed Soon

WePiggy “FlyingPiggy” NFT open to claim at 10:00 am on March 17, 2021 (UTC+8). Those eligible users who participated in the “WePiggy Liquidity Migration” activity and the “YFII Liquidity Migration” activity before, go to WePiggy’s official website (wepiggy.com) to claim.

The NFT convenient channel on WePiggy’s official website is open from 10:00 on 2021/3/17 to 0:00 on 2021/4/1 (UTC+8); the NT can only be claimed through the contract after the expiry date. The contract claiming operation is very complicated, it is recommended that you claim the NFT in time through the convenient channel within the specified time.

WePiggy will officially launch on OKExChain soon, and the exclusive NFT “LuckyPiggy” will be released at that time. For details, please see the follow-up announcement.

“FlyingPiggy” NFT Introduction

“Creation Flying Pig” is WePiggy’s first NFT, which is used to reward users who participate in WePiggy’s liquidity migration and YFII migration. Each address has one and only one.

A NFT for the first milestone of WePiggy: Liquidity Migration Completion, Lending Protocol Official Launch. “FlyingPiggy” means, DeFi gives piggy wings to fly. Holder of this NFT will get a “Unlimited Happiness, Wealth and Freedom” buff from WePiggy.

The total number of this NFT is 198. Except for participating in activities, or subsequent acquisition through the transfer of old hplders, there will never be additional generation.

NFT Claiming Tutorial


List of Eligible Addresses

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