WePiggy Liquidity Migration Activity Data Release

2 min readJan 20, 2021

Execution Status

Wepiggy’s first liquidity migration activity has been successfully completed!

From 15:00 to 21:00 on January 18, 2021, a total of 179 addresses have participated in this activity, and the total amount of funds involved is $76,142,508.92.

Reward Details

1. WPC Reward List

All the WPC token rewards will be allocated to users’ addresses together with Airdrop Rewards after WPC tokens have been released from the mining contract.

2. NFT and Limited Merchandise

All of the above addresses can get WePiggy’s out-of-print NFT “FlyingPiggy” and Limited Merchandise.

You can claim the NFT “FlyingPiggy” on WePiggy.com after the core development team completed the development of NFT claim function, so stay tuned.

To send you the Limited Merchandise, we need your express address. Please pay attention to WePiggy community information and submit it in time. Also, you can PM WePiggy assistant (WeChat ID: wepiggy) for help.

3. Rewards Not Yet Distributed

Since the original quota for the “First Deposit Rewards” is 288, and YFII as a genesis mining pool cannot participate in this liquidity migration because ChainLink has not yet provided the price feed to WePiggy (but comming soon).

The WePiggy core development team will use these undistributed WPC rewards as YFII migration rewards.

For specific event details, please follow WePiggy community information.

For aToken Users Who Are Not Participating In This Activity

We will retain the interface of the migration for a period of time for these aToken users.

Migration Tutorial — Mobile:

Migration Tutorial — Desktop:




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