WePiggy Lockdrop Coming Soon, Participate to Win 240,000 $OP and 75,000,000 $WPC Rewards!

2 min readAug 1, 2022


LockDrop will be launching soon!

According to the proposal of WIP41, WePiggy is about to launch the [LockDrop] event.

Users can deposit pUSDC tokens into one or more WePiggy LockDrop pools to earn $OP and $WPC rewards.

The details are as follows:

1. Activity begin time: 2022/8/3 16:00 (UTC+8)

2. Lock period: 30 days, 90 days, 180 days

3. Rewards: 240,000 $OP+75,000,000 $WPC

4. Participation process:

a. Get pUSDC

Go to https://app.wepiggy.com/markets and deposit your USDC, then you will automatically receive pUSDC as a deposit receipt on WePiggy-Optimism.

b. Deposit pUSDC into LockDrop pool

Go to the LockDrop page, select a pool and deposit your pUSDC tokens.


1. You can deposit your pUSDC tokens into one or more of these pools to earn token incentives.

2. Once the deposits funds into a pool, you cannot withdraw the principal before the lock-up period expires. If you insists on withdrawing your principal before the lock-up period expires, you need to pay 4% of the principal as a penalty, and the penalty will go into the community treasury as protocol income.

3. The longer the lock-up period is, the higher the distribution speed of OP token incentives. After the deposit, you can claim the OP token rewards mined so far at any time.

4. The WPC token incentive will only be given to the 180-Day pool. To be eligible, users must deposit in the pool within 24 hours after the event starts, and keep it for 179 days until the event ends.
WPC Incentive Distribution Formula:
User’s Personal WPC Incentive = Total WPC incentive * (User’s Personal Lock-up Amount / Total Lock-up Amount of All Eligible Users)

5. Timeline of LockDrop

30-day pool: starts at 16:00 (UTC+8) on August 3 and ends at 16:00 (UTC+8) on September 2

90-day pool: starts at 16:00 (UTC+8) on August 3 and ends at 16:00 (UTC+8) on November 1

180-day pool: starts at 16:00 (UTC+8) on August 3 and ends at 16:00 (UTC+8) on January 30, 2023

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