Wepiggy-Optimism 180-Day Lockdrop Pool Has Ended!

2 min readFeb 7, 2023

Wepiggy-Optimism 180-Day LockDrop pool has now Ended!

According to the proposal of WIP41, WePiggy-Optimism launched the LockDrop event at 2022/8/3 16:00.(UTC+8) The 90-day LockDrop pool has now ended at 2023/1/30 15:59.(UTC+8) Users who have deposited for 180 days can go to the 180-day lockup pool to withdraw your funds. You can still deposit your USDC in WePiggy to earn market deposit interest after the withdrawn, thank you for your support of this WePiggy event.

75 Million WPC Token Incentive Distribution

75 Million WPC token incentive will only be given to eligible user addresses that have participated in the 180-Day pool. To be eligible, users must deposit in the 180-Day pool within 24 hours after the event starts, and keep it for 179 days until the event ends.

WPC Incentive Distribution Formula:

User’s Personal WPC Incentive = Total WPC incentive * (User’s Personal Lock-up Amount / Total Lock-up Amount of All Eligible Users)

WePiggy LockDrop staking activity has been successfully concluded, thank you for your support.

Publicity of WPC incentive allocation
(WPC token incentive will only be distributed to the following address 7 days after publicity)

Text version: https://www.yuque.com/zgryhn/fg3t76/eld4q4akr8hcbyq7




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