WePiggy Optimism Early Supporter Rewards Will Be Distributed Soon

Aug 1, 2022

OP Token Incentive to Early Supporters

According to the WIP41 proposal, the incentive details are as follows:

Total: 60,000 $OP

Distribution method: evenly divided

Winners: Early supporters of WePiggy — Optimism, 198 addresses listed on WePiggy’s Billionaires of Optimism

Distributed to each address: 303.03 OP

Click to view the list of winners: https://app.wepiggy.io/billionaires (Switch to Optimism network)

Execution Status

WePiggy will complete the incentive distribution on 2022/7/25 (Monday)

If you have any questions, please contact the WePiggy community admins.

What’s Next?

The WePiggy LockDrop event will go live this week, participate to share 240,000 $OP and 75,000,000 WPC rewards!





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