WePiggy Product Updates (2021/09/03)

2 min readSep 3, 2021


WePiggy 2021/9/3 product updates are as follows:

For Desktop&Mobile(All networks)

- Optimize the front-end of WePiggy lending protocol, merge the projects on multi-chain and the website is unified into app.wepiggy.com

- Optimize the method of data acquisition on the [Market Overview][Market Details][My Assets][Deposit/Withdraw][Borrow/Repay] pages

- Added an alternate domain name WePiggy.io, optimize the problem of jumping back and forth between the homepage and the lending protocol

- Enable H5 alternate off-chain domain name

- Modify [Maximum LTV Ratio] explanation of terms

- Add WePiggy QQ community to the bottom bar of the homepage, APP and team page

-For Desktop Only(All Networks)

- Add a new wallet provider: Rabby

- Optimize the data processing method when switching chains to prevent depositing to the wrong chain due to the inconsistency between the APP chain and the wallet chain

-For Mobile Only(All Networks)

- In Tokenpocket and imToken wallets, support for switching chains within the project (support EIP-3085)




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