WePiggy Product Updates and New Page “Ecosystem” Goes Live

WePiggy 2021/7/14 product updates are as follows:

For Desktop&Mobile(All networks)

Add [Ecosystem] Page

Page link: https://wepiggy.com/ecosystem

To show the ecological layout, WePiggy revised the homepage and added an [Ecosystem] page. Users can click to enter the page in the following ways:

1. Click the [Ecosystem] button under [About Us] on the top or bottom bar
2. Click [View More] under [Ecosystem Partnership] on the homepage

According to the partners’ industries and functions, WePiggy divides them into five categories: [Wallet], [Media&Community], [DeFi], [Data Platform] and [Others], as well as adds links to their official websites.

-For Desktop(All Networks)

- Add switch to “Ethereum” function

-For Mobile(All Networks)

- Optimize the switching of multiple languages and currency units (Switch without refreshing the page)



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