WePiggy Public Test Launches On Heco Testnet, Everyone Has a Chance to Win Rewards by Participating In

WePiggy public test launches on Heco testnet

Desktop End: https://heco.wepiggy.com
Mobile End: https://m.heco.wepiggy.com

Tutorial links:

How to add HECO testnet on MetaMask (Desktop): https://www.yuque.com/zgryhn/ylthdl/axig82

How to claim HT and other test tokens

Method 1:Heco Faucet
Method 2:Join the WePiggy community and contact admins

Participate in to get a chance to win rewards

Participate in the WePiggy-Heco public beta activity and have a chance to get a $10 reward!

How to participate:

1. Complete the deposit, withdraw, borrow, and repay operations during this public beta

How to claim rewards:

1. After the event is over, 50 eligible addresses will be randomly selected, each address will be allocated $10 reward

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