WePiggy Public Test Launches on OKExChain Testnet Soon, Participate in to Earn the OKT Airdrop

WePiggy public test launches on OKExChain testnet, check link here.

Users can test WePiggy lending protocol through both desktop and mobile end. The test currencies include OKT, OKB, USDT, USDK, USDC, BTCK, ETHK, DOTK, LTCK and FILK.

Participate in Public Test to Earn OKT Airdrop

Activity Time: 2021/3/11/ 20:00–3/16 20:00 (UTC+8 Time)

Activity Detail:

1. Complete WePiggy Tasks, Check Tutorial as Below:

2. Complete OKExChain Official’s Request

1. Follow OKExChain official twitter, join-in the telegram community, and submit the form in the first 10,000.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OKExChain
Telegram: https://t.me/okexchain_cn
Form: https://wj.qq.com/s2/8166564/a259

2. In addition to WePiggy’s task, you should complete 2 more different projects’ tasks on OKExChain.

Check the projects list here: https://m.jinse.com/news/blockchain/1020379.html?source=m

So far, all the basic requirements have been completed, you are eligible to share the 2000 OKT airdrop.

Any questions, join in WePiggy telegram community for more information.



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