WePiggy X 12N AMA Recap

Part 1. Questions from the host

Q1: Could you please tell us a little about yourself and WePiggy?

Q2: What makes WePiggy special compared to all other decentralized lending protocols that are around?

Q3: It’s been one year since the launch of WePiggy. What are the major milestones WePiggy has achieved in the industry so far?

Q4: I also paid attention to the recent WIP 27, which really made the entire community very excited. Can you introduce the “Airdrop Pool Token Allocation Plan” for us?

Q5:Why you suggest WPC Token Split of 1000x?

Q6: After the new liquidity mining scheme V2 is passed, what impact will it have?

Q7:Asset security is very important. What are WePiggy’s security considerations?

Q8: What will the future of WePiggy in the decentralized finance revolution look like? Can you talk to us about your roadmap?

Part2. Questions from the Community

Q1: Marketing is a core element of every project, what is Wepiggy’s strategy for attracting new users and investors and retaining them in the long term?

Q2:The design of the price prediction machine is very important for the DeFi lending protocol, what are your considerations in this regard?

Q3:Piggy is a good NFT image, very cute, very suitable for meme, I noticed that you have NFT Gallery as well. So, do you have any plan to develop a product combined both NFT and DeFi in the future? Or even GameFi, which is very easy to boost user activity, for example, a simple pet-raising simulation games,I think the image of piggy is very suitable.

Q4: Who are the investment institutions of WePiggy?

Q5: Does the investment bank in your roadmap mean something like a decentralized funding platform?

Part3. For Further Communication



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