WePiggy’s Liquidity Mining Program Goes Live

Ready to GO!!

Through the efforts of the WePiggy core development team, as well as the professional support provided by many excellent blockchain security audit teams and individuals, the smart contracts of WePiggy’s liquidity mining program have been completed.

The initial liquidity mining pools:

  • Lending Protocol Pool: cBTC, cETH, cDAI, cUSDT, cUSDC, aBTC, aETH, aDAI, aUSDT, aUSDC
  • Strategic Partnership Pool: YFII

Mining-related Information

Before mining, please read the following information carefully:

1. Smart Contracts of Mining

WePiggy’s smart contracts are fully open source, using MIT license.

2. Smart Contract Audit

WePiggy pays great attention to the security of smart contracts. The core development team has invited multiple audit companies and excellent contract developers to publicly review the contracts and even carry out formal audit works.

3. Tutorial of Mining

To help users better understand the specific processes of WePiggy’s mining, we write a tutorial for desktop devices: https://www.yuque.com/zgryhn/duu5f7/geepoh

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