WePiggy’s mining contract has been audited by SlowMist and added Timelock

Smart contract audit

WePiggy core development team is pleased to announce that WePiggy’s mining contract has passed the audit of “SlowMist”, a well-known security audit company.

Feel free to check here: Security Audit Certificate & Detailed Audit Report.

Timelock is online

To make the funds of users more safer, Timelock contract has been added to restrict developers from modifying the contract at will.

Click here to view the Txn Hash for this contract deployment: 0x902e0eaf5251249b03eb0ad354b7d058dbb8a4ee44407b640babd28d045a0ca2


Timelock address: 0x311aea58ca127b955890647413846e351df32554

Timelock’s admin is a Multisig contact address: 0x8114b3854d1e7b7f5f14896537c321e9062284ce

All contracts of WePiggy will allow the Timelock address to modify them. The Timelock contract can modify system parameters, logic, and contracts in a ‘time-delayed, opt-out’ upgrade pattern.

The Timelock has a hard-coded minimum delay of 2 days, which is the least amount of notice possible for a governance action. Each proposed action will be published at a minimum of 2 days in the future from the time of announcement. Major upgrades, such as changing the risk system, may have a 14 day delay.



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