WePiggy’s New Feature: NFT Gallery (PHASE-1) Goes Live!

About [NFT Gallery]

In the long-term planning of the core development team, the NFT collections are of great significance. It is an identity proof that enhance community identity, a bridge for fun interaction between communities, and the key component for the building of WePiggy’s VIP system(under planning) in the future.

NFT Gallery (PHASE-1) Goes Live

Update Range: Desktop&Mobile (All Networks)

  1. Shows WePiggy’s “Issuing NFT”, “Issued NFT” and “Upcoming NFT”
  2. Show the NFTs you already own and those you don’t own
  3. Display NFT information, including NFT Name, NFT Token Name, NFT Number, Blockchain, Description, Total Amount, Level, Contract Address, Activity Introduction, etc

[NFT Gallery] (PHASE-2)

In preparation, stay tuned.

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