WIP13 Formal Voting Begins!

WIP13 Review

In this proposal, the core development team proposes to determine the risk framework of the multi-chain deployment plan, adjust some risk parameters and Launch the LTC, LINK, ADA, FIL Lending Market, propose implementation details and time.


Option 1: For

Option 2: Against

The core development team will implement this proposal according to the option with the most votes in this voting.

For more details, check here: https://gov.wepiggy.com/t/topic/733

Formal Voting

Now, community members can vote through the formal voting website: https://vote.wepiggy.com.

Time:2021/06/08 15:00–2021/06/10 15:00(UTC+8 Time)

Voting group: Currently, only WPC tokens on the Ethereum mainnet can participate in this voting.

***OKExChain and BSC currently does not have basic infrastructures for governance. The function can be opened after the ecosystem matures.




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