WIP43 Voting Ends, BUSD Will Be Delisted to Ensure the Security of the Protocol

1 min readMar 13, 2023

Final Result: For

Execution Status

WePiggy will perform Phase 1 of BUSD delisting operating procedure on WePiggy-BNB and Moonriver chains at 2023/3/20 15:00 according to WIP43 as below schedule:

  1. Set the WPC distribution reward of BUSD to 0 WPC/block;
  2. Disable the deposit/borrow function of BUSD;
  3. Adjust the LTV ratio of BUSD to 80%;

Phase 2 of BUSD delisting operating procedure will be executed on 2023/3/27:
Adjust LTV ratio of BUSD to 0%

Important Advice

To prevent liquidation due to the adjustment of the LTV ratio, the core development team recommends that all users who used BUSD as collateral and borrowed any assets should repay immediately and withdraw all above assets.

In addition, to thoroughly implement the delisting process, it is hoped that all users who have used any other assets as collateral and borrowed BUSD, please repay your borrowings immediately.




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