WIP9: Enable the Multi-Chain Deployment Plan, Set up a Cross-Chain Ecological Incentive Pool, Clarify OKExChain Incentives

WIP9 Abstract

In this proposal, the core development team explains the significance, purpose and blueprint of launching the multi-chain deployment plan. Proposes to set up a cross-chain ecological incentive pool and tries to put forward specific plans. Finally, clarifies the incentives for the first supported chain-OKExChain.

Note: This proposal is an important proposal, the duration of the Proposal Discussion Stage is 2 day, the Proposal Voting Stage is 1 day, TimeLock is 2 days。

How to participate in the discussion?

Open this link: https://gov.wepiggy.com/t/topic/611, register and log in the forum to participate in the discussion.

Everyone can propose their suggestions under the proposal.

The core development team will respond to some of the effective suggestions in the governance forum, and possibly make appropriate adjustments to the proposal to seek maximum consensus during the formal voting.

How to participate in the formal voting?

Formal voting is expected to begin on March, 17th 14:30 (UTC+8 Time).

Then, please go to WePiggy’s governance voting system: https://vote.wepiggy.com/ to participate.

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