WIP9 Voting Ends, Will Set up a Cross-Chain Ecological Incentive Pool

Voting Result

Final Result: For!

Execution Status

1. Add a Cross-Chain Ecological Incentive Pool

Currently, the weights of WePiggy mining pools, as follows:

After adjustment:

*pTokens are essentially tokenized deposit receipts of WePiggy.

You can get pTokens by depositing your crypto assets in WePiggy’s lending market.

After 2 days of Timelock, the cross-chain pool will be launched on Mar 20, 2021.

2. Preset the Total Distribution Speed of WPC on WePiggy — OKExChain (Testnet)

Considering that the WPC release speed decreases every day, to avoid frequent changes to the contract, set it as:

The total distribution speed of all other networks = [cross-chain ecological incentive pool ] WPC release speed at the time of update x 90%

The total distribution speed = 2500 x 0.9 = 2250 WPC/Day

OKExChain’s block speed: 3second/block, so there are 60/3*60*24=28800 blocks per day.

Therefore, the Deposit+Borrow Mining Distribution Speed: 2250/28800=0.078125

There is a 3-day observation period after WePiggy’s launch on OKExChain, in this period, the total distribution speed is 2250 WPC/Day.

After this period, if the TVL on OKExChain is significantly lower than the Ethereum mainnet, the distribution speed will be adjusted according to the specific situation.

The deposit mining of the WePiggy protocol on OKExChain network will be the same as the borrowing mining logic on the Ethereum network, so there is no need to deposit pToken in the corresponding mining pool.

The WPC distribution speed of deposit and borrowing mining is the same. The distribution weight of each lending market will be adjusted according to specific conditions.



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