YFII Is Now Listed on WePiggy, pYFII Mining Pool Is Enabled!

About YFII

Risk Assessment

YFII Finance (DFI.MONEY) is a community-owned DeFi infrastructure where its users determine what products they want and enjoy the yields. It’s permissionless for all the people to join. YFII is the governance token of DFI.MONEY.

YFII Smart Contract Risk: C-

The YFII token is audited and the minting keys have already been burnt by transferring the admin role to the blackhole address (0x00) so that no one has this privilege to mint new tokens.

YFII Counterparty Risk: B-

YFII is fully decentralized, its distribution to liquidity providers is fair and transparent. The community is already strong of 8,900 holders.

YFII Market Risk: B-

After the $120 defense battle, YFII’s price initially went to a peak of $8,548. For now, prices and market capitalization are relatively stable. At the same time, due to the influence of the futures market, the short-term volatility is still large.

YFII Market Overall Rating: C+

Risk Parameters

Borrow&Deposit Rate Curves

Mining Pool Adjustment

According to the deposit/borrow incentive factor: 4/6, so the BorrowPool weight is 8700.

The weight for each asset in BorrowPool as follow:

Migration Guide

After the launch of YFII, referring to the migration method of UNI/aTokens, click: Mining Pool Migration → Select “YFII”, to enter the YFII migration interface.

Alternatively, you can unstake YFII in the previous YFII mining pool, deposit YFII in the lending market to get the pYFII token, then stake pYFII in the new pYFII mining pool.

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