YFII Lending Market Will Be Officially Launched, Participate in Migration to Earn WPC Rewards!

2 min readFeb 19, 2021

The YFII Lending market is expected to be officially launched at 2021/2/20 15:00 UTC+8 Time.

As the statement in <WePiggy Liquidity Migration Activity Data Release>:

Since the original quota for the “First Deposit Rewards” is 288, and YFII as a genesis mining pool cannot participate in this liquidity migration because ChainLink has not yet provided the price feed to WePiggy (but comming soon).

The WePiggy core development team will use these undistributed WPC rewards as YFII migration rewards.

For specific event details, please follow WePiggy community information.

So, there are total (288–179) x 8 = 872 WPC will be used to reward users for this time.

Activity Time:

2021/2/20 15:00–21:00, UTC+8 Time (In 6 hours after the official launch)

The Activity Details:

1. First Deposit Rewards

During this activity, 8 WPC token rewards will be allocated to addresses (including new users) that have deposited pYFII with a value of not less than 1,000 USD in pYFII mining pool. Only the first 50 addresses can get this reward, first come first served.

2. Reward Pool

The remaining WPC tokens will be allocated to these addresses, in proportion to each address’s deposited pYFII amount.


1. To get all above benefits, you should deposit/migrate assets with a value of not less than 1,000 USD;

2. The rewarding result will be announced via the website and community announcement within 3 days after the liquidity migration. All the WPC token rewards will be allocated to users’ addresses after WPC tokens have been released from the mining contract;

3. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact WePiggy assistant (WeChat ID: wepiggy) for help.




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